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HearGlass is designed for pure natural audio for voice and music.

Voice – Meet HEARGLASS.

HEARGLASS allows you to hear the voices in the conversation.

Through the use of our mobile app, you can adjust your HEARGLASS to optimize sound in different environments and conditions. HEARGLASS gives you the tools to manage spaces that are usually too noisy for conversations, or increase volume to hear a quiet voices.


HEAR Again.

Don't miss out. manage your hearing in noisy environments.

Music – Meet HEARGLASS.

HEARGLASS makes music sound great again.

Through a natural sound system, HEARGLASS  does what digital hearing aids can not: provide high fidelity audio to people with hearing loss.


Every Note

Hear the music like
you used to. Clearly.

Patented Technology

HEARGLASS has filed 3 U.S. Patents (2 of which have been issued) and has 3 foreign Patents pending for our innovative approach to hearing enhancement.


HEARGLASS is for everyone
Focus. Quality. Amplification.

What we’re hearing!

HEARGLASS changes the game – if you love the theater or live music HEARGLASS is the answer to bringing quality, natural sound to your ear.

“Far better than even pricey hearing aids. Finally you can hear full spectrum voice and music again.”

“My digital hearing aids are like listening to sound from the bottom of a tin can. The first time I put on HEARGLASS I started to cry…I had no idea what I had been missing.”